Our Mission



We work hard to build strong partnerships and design collaborative technologies to connect people globally . The constant sharing of ideas and information is what makes agile teams sucessful.


Our specialized programs and services directly align with Key People Infrastructure and business initiatives to develop talent and increase performance and profitability.


Our experienced team aligns with businesses to help transform environments, cultures and people, all with the goal of keeping their workforce agile and companies competitive.


ISG is a technology and business solutions provider with comprehensive industry knowledge in Federal, Public Sector, Education, Healthcare, Retail and Financial. Our design mindset is focused on solutions not problems, helping customers solve challenges and develop innovative practices to increase productivity and profitability. 

Our company's architectural foci are Collaboration, Enterprise Networks, and Security to digitally protect people, assets, and data.

Our advisory team assists customers with their digital transformation by designing intuitive networks, Collaborative environments, and incorporating WebEx Meetings, Teams, Rooms and Calling cloud services to digitally connect the agile workforce. Virtual technologies and SaaS solutions enable our customers to deliver critical business intelligence anytime, anywhere, on any device.

We believe partnerships and creativity stimulate innovation and change, allowing businesses to increase growth, customer satisfaction, and profitability. Success comes from leading people through motivation, leadership development and teaching of entrepreneurial thinking. 

Our Founder & CEO

Felix N Lopez


Passion and dedication for helping businesses find solutions and become successful!  

"There are many companies that do what we do, but we do it with a fierce commitment to being loyal, honest, and trustworthy.  We don't want just a customer, we want a relationship built on trust, communication, and dependability.  We have incredible people that work for and with us, all of whom share the same commitment for building honest relationships and performing work with integrity." 

Felix Lopez is an accomplished Senior Executive with more than 20 years of success across the information services, technology, healthcare, manufacturing, higher education, insurance, global and financial services industries. 

Leveraging extensive experience with acquisition integration in the healthcare and financial service industries, he is a valuable advisor for an organization using Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, SaaS, IoT, Security, Data Center and Collaborative technologies. 

His broad areas of expertise include leadership, coaching, training, business development, customer relationship management, entrepreneurship, design thinking, and technology transformation.

Throughout his executive career, Felix has held leadership positions with Innovative Solutions Group, Inc., MetLife, Whitlock, Cisco, British Telecom and GlobeCom.

In 2014, Felix started his own company Innovative Solutions Group and worked with many leading global brands to develop their complex Solutions, Sales, Leadership, and Management capabilities. He also trained thousands of salespeople in over 20 countries.                                   

In in his spare time, Felix enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, riding his motorcycle, and finding new and fun things to do. 


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